We need a Revolution

The modern world has become too easy, too averse to challenge and too disconnected from nature. This is lack of living adventurously is having a negative effect on our physical and mental health. 

I believe that adventure is a necessity of the human spirit. Adventure makes us happier and healthier, it teaches us to take challenges, to appreciate our wild places and each other and gives us moments of real joy. I’ve spent 24yrs taking groups into the wilderness and I've seen adventure change people’s lives, by fostering creativity, building confidence and giving inspiration

So I've started an #AdventureRevolution

My Aim is....

  • To inspire One Million Days of Adventure
  • To enable a generation to re-connect with adventure

Since 2009 I've....

  • Regularly speak to audiences highlighting the benefits of adventure to wellbeing 
  • Encouraged over 30,000 ordinary people to discover a world of outdoor challenges through my non-profit Explorers Connect
  • inspired 240,520 days of adventure
  • raised £93,000 and recruited over 160 volunteers for youth adventure and conservation charities
  • established the National Day - and Night - of Adventure to raise awareness and increase participation Wild Night Out
  • supported 2000 international expeditions with advice and team-mates