I am on a mission to help people have more adventures. Western society has become so disconnected from nature and challenge and I think the more of us that embrace those things, the better society we will be – and the more fun we’ll all have too. You get to the point where you realise it’s the impact you leave, the ability to make a difference that is way more important than any ‘gongs’ or world records. So without doubt the adventures I look back on with most pride are the ones that have made a difference. 

I’ve spent 20yrs taking groups into the wilderness and I’ve seen it literally change people’s lives again and again.

8 years ago I set up Explorers Connect www.explorersconnect.com as a free hub for people to find and help each other have adventures. Initially it was to inspire others to go on at least one expedition or 'big adventure' in their life but now its increasingly about helping others do more local easily accessible adventures as often as possible, afterall once you've got a taste or a re-introduction to adventure and nature you just want more, its the most natural thing in the world.

The latest development and probably the thing I'm most excited about right now is that we as a community at Explorers Connect are setting up Britain’s first national day of adventure to inspire everyone to get outdoors on 16th July and to raise money for a charity that helps disadvantaged kids do the same. Its easy to get involved, whether you camp in your garden with the kids or climb a mountain with some mates. Its called Wild Night Out www.wildnightout.org Get involved! Fun plus meaningful… it doesn’t get better than this!